Bulimia Nervosa Treatment In NYC

Bulimia Nervosa

Bulimia Nervosa is a form of disordered eating. It is characterized by the intense desire to lose weight. People do this in the form of eating and then purging their food. This is commonly done by inducing vomit or taking a laxative to induce bowel output.

Often time’s individuals will binge on a large amount of food and then purge the food because they experience intense shame or guilt after consumption. Signs and symptoms of this disorder include fearing food, having a preoccupation of body image, severe judgement of self, and going to the restroom after meal times.

Unfortunately this is a common disorder, especially among school-age people. While it may appear to impact mostly women and girls, men and boys are impacted as well. It can have many negative health outcomes including dehydration, heart issues, gum disease, digestive problems, anxiety, and more.

At Talk Therapy New York we would like to offer you a safe and inclusive treatment space. Treatment will include outpatient mental health services.

We will focus on learning skills and strategies to reduce binging and purging behavior so that you can return to a healthier relationship with food and your body.

Why choose us

We are trained

We are a group of trained professionals with many years experience in the medical field. Our Medical Doctor in onsite to provide medical services, including diagnosis, prescriptions, medication management, treatment planning and more.

We are available by Telehealth

Accessing transportation can be difficult and costly. We do not have to see you in person for every visit. We can conduct many different services and appointments by telehealth in the comfort of your home.

We accept your insurance

We accept your private insurance as well as your Medicare and Medicaid insurances and bill all services through your insurance. We work diligently at ensuring care is affordable and accessible.

We want to work with you

We are excited about meeting new patients and families. We want to learn about your unique lives and challenges and reduce any burdens that medical and mental health struggles can have. A healthy body and mind means deriving more joy from life.

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