Borderline Personality Disorder

Borderline & Schizoid Disorder

Experiencing Borderline Personality Disorder is not easy. It can leave you feeling rejected, abandoned, and worthless. It may impact your relationships, profession, and many more areas of your life. But, it does not have to. You can be recovered!

We have a Social Worker onsite who will work with you in a holistic way to address any traumas you have experienced and to teach you skills to regulate your emotions. Life does not have to feel so out of control because you experience the world in an emotional way. This can be a skill! All you have to do is learn to manage it.

We can be that support by teaching you coping mechanisms to be more effective with these feelings. This includes teaching you mindfulness strategies, emotional regulation strategies and utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy to overcome these challenges.

You can do this all from the comfort of your home via Tele mental health clinic and through your public or private insurance.

Why choose us

We are trained

Our therapists are available to work with your behavioral health needs in a person-centered way. We treat you based on your unique needs and consistent with your goals and interests for your life.

We are available by Telehealth

Accessing transportation can be difficult and costly. We do not have to see you in person for every visit. We can conduct many different services and appointments by telehealth in the comfort of your home.

We accept your insurance

We accept your private insurance as well as your Medicare and Medicaid insurances and bill all services through your insurance. We work diligently at ensuring care is affordable and accessible.

We want to work with you

We are excited about meeting new patients and families. We want to learn about your unique lives and challenges and reduce any burdens that medical and mental health struggles can have. A healthy body and mind means deriving more joy from life.

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