How to Find a Suboxone Doctor in New York that Accepts Medicaid

Suboxone is a proven medication that is used in opioid addiction treatment. Suboxone contains Buprenorphine as well as Naloxone.

Together these medications can stop withdrawal symptoms related to opioid use. This is helpful in safely treating someone’s opioid drug use.

It can be difficult to find a doctor who is certified and who offers medically assisted treatment, such as Suboxone. You can go to the website Suboxone to find a list of all physicians who are certified to offer this treatment. You can then get a list local to you and call the phone number on the back of your Medicaid insurance card to see if the provider is in-network to your plan. You could also call the provider’s office and ask if they accept Medicaid.

Please note that both processes may take time. It can be difficult to get clear answers from doctor’s offices or you may be on hold with Medicaid. Either way, it is important to be well informed about the provider you are using and what your insurance accepts to avoid high costs of treatment or scheduling an appointment with someone who cannot offer you a Suboxone treatment program.

If you are in New York, at TalkTherapy we accept your Medicaid insurance and we are certified to offer you Suboxone treatment. We are committed to your recovery from Opioid use. Our goal is getting your treatment in a way that makes sense and is affordable for you. This includes offering support by Telehealth, accepting your insurance, and working around your schedule and needs.

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